Darkside Detailing was created from a life long passion for detailing cars. The founders firmly believe in producing car cleaning products that you can trust. Our journey started in January 2018 when we set about bringing our own range of car care products to market that would not only tick all our boxes but would also out-perform leading brands that fail to deliver the results you'd hope for.

It has been a busy year for us redesigning formulas and adding different chemicals into our unique blends for our detailing products. Each formula has been carefully considered and tested to ensure they perform to the highest standard and deliver the best levels of protection to your vehicles exterior and interior.

Research, development and innovation never stops at Darkside Detailing as we are committed to continously developing new and improved products whilst bring you, our customers the latest car detailing products and accessories. Soon we will be launching a new range of car detailing accessories which will compliment our exsisting high-quality products.