Darkside Detailing


Darkside Detailing Ultimate Interior Kit designed to keep the inside of the vehicle looking like it just left the factory.

Kit Includes :

Interior detailer spray

HORIZON Interior Detailer is the perfect interior dressing to help maintain that factory fresh interior finish. Safe to use on all modern plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces, its water-based formula and no silicone additives keep your interior looking its best while adding protection from uv-rays at the same time.

Leather Cleaner

IMPACT Leather Cleaner is a unique cleaning detergent specifically designed to lift and remove dirt and grime from any leather upholstery. The formula is designed to quickly penetrate the pores of the material lifting even the most stubborn stains and oils away - restoring that natural finish back to your leather.

Glass cleaner

KLARITY Glass Cleaner is a simple yet highly effective glass cleaner designed to be safe on all glass surfaces, including window tints, mirrors and even lightweight acrylic or polycarbonate windows used in racing and high-performance vehicles. Its fast evaporating alcohol based formula will effortlessly remove bugs, greasy films and fingerprints leaving that all important smear and streak free finish.

Interior cleaner

WIPEOUT Interior cleaner is a ready to use all purpose cleaner designed to be safe on all interior car surfaces. Designed to gently lift stubborn stains and marks whilst remaining completely safe on fabrics, carpet, rubber and vinyl.

With its low foaming formula it penetrates deep into the stain or mark lifting it effortlessly, making this a great product to have in the detailing kit.

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